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'The sense of internal illumination, of individual lines being controlled by independent musical intelligence, contributed strongly to a sense, altogether too rare in the performances of large amateur choirs in Ireland, that these singers had real freedom of expression in this performance.They conveyed a real and sometimes thrilling sense of mastery, and they were under the command of someone who knew exactly what he wanted to do with it'.

(Elijah – Mendelssohn – Irish Times)








'As long as we live, there is never enough singing!' 

Martin Luther


MarkArmstrong#01Based in Dublin, Ireland, Mark has enjoyed a wide-ranging career as a professional musician, having had the privilege of working with many of Ireland's foremost singers, choirs, orchestras and instrumentalists in a huge variety of projects in his capacity as a conductor, music producer, arranger, orchestrator and composer.

His imaginative and sensitive compositions and arrangements have delighted Irish audiences and through his website have reached a wide audience in some 200 countries worldwide.

Mark may be contacted at and will always reply personally to your email.